As a member and officer of the Lions' Club of Senkadagala (District 306c1) I have been involved in a number of social service activities from 2006. I was invited to join this prestigious club in 2006 and thus became its youngest member at the age of 30. Despite the exigiencies of service as a Trainee in Surgery, I was the Secretary of the club for two consecutive years 2007 and 2008.


A few of the important Social Service Projects carried out by the Lions of Senkadagala over these years is summarised below:





The Lions of Senkadagala, over the past half-decade have been at the forefront of the Sight Savers' Campaign. In line with the International programme of preventing and curing blindness we have been at the forefront of the National Cataract Programme.


Health camps conducted in the region have focused on screening for early cataract, and subsequent referral to the specialist units for surgery. To selected patients who cannot afford intra-occular lenses, the Lions have donated unreservedly. 


In collaboration with international donors, we have been donating free reading glasses at many health camps during the past decade.


We were also instrumental in procuring ten wheelchairs that were donated to needy individuals in the region during the period from 2008 to 2009.


During several health camps that were conducted in the region, we donated large stocks of pharmaceuticals and provided primary level healthcare to needy individuals. Many individuals with medical conditions who needed tertiary care were screened out.


As a major fundraiser in 2007, the Senkadagala Lions garnered 600,000/- for the diabetic fund. This fund was established in order to finance a Diabetic Centre for the needy people of the region.


The Senkadagala Lions are co-partners of the Kandy Hospital Fund, established in order to elevate the standards of the General Hospital, Kandy.

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