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I am hold the post of Senior Lecturer in the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University ofPeradeniya, formerly the University of Ceylon. I also provide my clinical services tothe Professorial Surgical Unit of the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya, and the Dental Hospital Peradeniya in thecapacity of a Consultant General and Laparoscopic  Surgeon. I have been a Board Certified Surgeon since September 2011. 


My clinical duties include all aspects of patient care with an added responsibilityof maintaining the high standards of the Professorial Unit. Much of my recent work has been in open and laparoscopic surgery. My routine operative lists on wednesdays include colorectal, thyroid, breast, minor reconstructive and intermediate level vascular surgery. I accommodate undergraduate medical and dental students during my operative surgery sessions.


My out patient clinic is on every monday morning at 8:00am. I receive referrals from the OPD Peradeniya, from my colleagues from the outlying hospitals (Gampola, Mawanella, Kegalle etc), from GPs and from the private sector. The Clinic is open to staff and all new registrants as well as important follow up patients are seen by me. I accommodate an unlimited number of pateints. 


As part of my routine, I accommodate all postgraduate trainees in the Professorial Unit and provide as much hands on operative surgery as possible. Supervision and feedback is carried out as part of routine mentoring. I also participate in weekly Morbidity/Mortality meetings and Journal Club presentations. 


My special teaching projects include the following:

1. Organising and coordinating the General Surgery teaching Programme for Dental Students since 2012

2. Chief Examiner for the assessment of the General Surgery Teaching Programme for Dental Undergraduates

3. Organisation of the Communicattion Skills Module of the Final Year Teaching Programme for Medical Undergraduates

4. Organisation of the Integrated Modules of the Undergraduate Curriculum of the Medical Faculty (IAM 1 and 2)

5. Visiting Lectures to the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences


My private sector work includes a specialised Wound Management service that caters to the treatment of chronic wounds. Much of my recent research endeavours include strategies aimed at reducing the cost of wound care and adapting the latest evidence in wound care to suit the Sri Lankan millieu.


My international research pubications to date have originated from the overseas training period in the United Kingdom and hence related to laparoscopic colorectal surgery. Local publications include breast cancer research and medical infromatics, where I have been an originator of the MedREC(r) patient infromation and database system that has been used in the Oncosurgery Unit in Kandy as well as the Teaching Hospital Clinic from 2006 to the present day. 


I am currently the Head of the Technical Resources Committee and the President of the Faculty English Committe. I am also the President of the Peradeniya Faculty Medical Teachers Association. 


I have been a member of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka for 10 years and a member of the Council for 2 years.


I am also actively involved in social service and has been a member and an officer of the Lions Club of Senkadagala, District 306c1 since 2007. I have been involved in many national and regional level projects as part of my career in Lionism.






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